by Jaclyn Falk

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Debut full length from Jaclyn Falk. This September of 2008 release features songs spanning a 5 year period of time. Old favorites to secret surprises, and a lot of WORDS!


released September 12, 2008



all rights reserved


Jaclyn Falk Stony Point, New York

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Track Name: Intro
You say you've heard it all before well listen up this time. You've heard it all before still listen up this time. There's an old man cryin, an old woman laughing, saying how ill they make it. Last a little bit longer than they thought to. Leave their rushing, apathy behind. There's an old man crying, an old woman laughing, saying how will they make it last.
Track Name: Green Concrete
You're gonna take a look off this mountain top, baby tell me that's not pretty then knock it down to build a skyscraper. Tell me that's pretty and I'll tell you you're seeing green. Well I saw green too before you knocked it down. You're gonna eat it up, not as literally as you could but more like figure it out now it's not about profit in the monetary sense. Don't you see, the needs turn in to wants, turn in to greed. I'm sorry we don't have that anymore. In a world where so many are hungry, there's so much beauty but we're just greedy. In a world where there's so many problems and the only answer that we can find is to turn our heads and pretend everything is all right. Did you paint a picture of what you thought was beauty, and you made it your reality? Will you open up your eyes cause you're missing all my points. Don't you see, the needs turn in to wants, turn in to greed. I'm sorry we don't have that anymore. Isn't it funny that the one's in chard are the ones pointing fingers. Don't try to tell me to back down.
Track Name: Inquiring Eyes (Picture Frames)
If you ask me I'll tell. I promise I'm capable. I promise, and deep down I want you to know. The truth is you see me, the truth is it's all on the surface, use big words to cover it up. But I go home alone. Car windows act as picture frames where nothing lasts forever. So it seems I see we've veered off the path, hope we detoured together. I know straight forward finds its way eventually. The truth is that I'm scared. The truth is I'm scared to death, sing songs about spiders, women, flies, confused it seems. Then I go home alone. Car winows act as picture frames, where nothing lasts forever so it seems. You've picked a great place to try and stay quiet. Just don't stop dancing, close your eyes. Too hard to admit it. The fear of the outside, completely uncalled for. Nobody will ever know. The truth is that I'm tired but I also want this and I'm pretty sure you already know. This way one thing lasts forever.
Track Name: Layer Cake
Put the icing on my head, cause I'm the cake who would fall for the guilt trip any time, every time, this time. People get caught in time thinking. Well I don't want to get caught in time thinking, about this. No more, no more, about this no more. Stop right there before you tell me to go. It's encrypted in code cause I'm not telling it like it is. Well I don't want to, so I'm not going to this time, no more. Stop right there before you tell me to go. What's so good about wearing your heart on your sleeve, just to have it taken from you? What's so good about keeping everything inside, just to have it taken from you? This time, every time. So look for the end cause the beginning is not looking too good these days. I know you know what I mean. Look for the end cause the beginning's not looking too good these days. You look so serious. You can't be serious.
Track Name: Build It Back Up
Sometimes words fall past your lips, fall past your lips and drop like bombs. They just fall so fast. Burning cities to the ground, down to the ground that brought you life. You've got a bucket of water to help build the city back up. Too bad we all can't act like you. Too bad it's not just words that are falling fast. One building up, one building down. One man up, on woman down. It's not our problem, I think it is. To stand up for what we believe. We can't sit back to read another one is dead for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Tell me what's the right place for being you, for being me, for being all those innocent people falling down around you. You'll take the rest of your time and create your little perfect world that doesn't include me. To that I say no.
Track Name: Define Home
I take a breath and I save one for later when I'm all out of air. When I'm speechless, when I'm jaw dropped and frozen. I'm gonna put it in my pocket only if that was really possible. It's probably you think I've lost my mind. Go ahead and try to ring me out, once in I'm not letting go. It touched me once, equals forever, cause you've made your mark. You've made your mark inside my soul. I'm stamped, I'm branded and I'm not letting go. In the meantime I'm not running on empty. In the meantime my gauge says full and if I never thanked you let me take a moment, but the words won't come out close to how I want to say them. So I sit here in silence soaking. My body's a sponge, it's dripless and waiting for more. Screaming out for more. Reaching out for all I can soak up.
Track Name: Screaming Out
Screaming out for the first time. I finally found a voice, but I can't find the words to say just what I wanted to say. I'm just not strong enough. What's the point of convincing yourself it really matters, you know damn well it never will. You're just not strong enough. What's the difference today, do you really see clearer now? What's the difference today? Do you really feel stronger now? Take a step to your left, and two to my right. Now tell me honestly, you can be brave. Look at me now and say something. Look at me now and say this is the last time you'll ever have the chance to say. I don't want to play. Screaming out for the last time I just don't have it in me to do. I'm taking the back seat, push me around it'll be better that way. The truth is I'm stronger now than I thought I would be. The truth is it doesn't matter anyway. It doesn't add up to much.
Track Name: Close Call
It's only a close call if nobody's looking. Don't ask, don't tell. Don't cross the line, I'm begging you. It's open fire on those who say it's wrong. Take each other's hands and don't ask me. We'll build a human wall of our beliefs. We'll come together, let's stand together, and show them we have weapons too, but no one's dying. We can fight war too, but no one has to die. Living in a country who's lost sight of everything, forget talking let's pull the trigger. We'll take em over, we'll take em all out. Take a step back and see how you could be wrong. I'm only one, but together we are many. Standing strong, saying it's not, no it's not the only way. We can fight with open mouths, and open minds, not open fire. Come on let's take a shot and try to see it through someone else's eyes. I'm afraid to say that we still use words, like us and they. Segregation, divided nation. I'm ashamed to say that we still use words like us and they. Segregation, divided nation. Tell me now how far have we really come.
Track Name: Teary Eyed
Think, think, think about the words lost. Think with hope of finding them again some day. Think, think, think of all the hope lost. Think of finding the words, the hope again some day. It makes me teary eyed to think that all the words got lost, without hope of finding them again some day. It makes me teary eyed, to think that all the hope got lost and you thought to just throw the words away. We just sit here, sit here and wait for. What are we waiting for, the end is coming oh so quick. Sit here, sit here, and wait for. What are we waiting for the end is coming and nobody seems to care. Look, look up at that lonely night sky and wonder who else lonely looks up at the sky with me tonight. Walk, walk under this lonely night sky. Look at all those lights on, step outside and walk with me tonight. I can't get teary eyed and think that all the hope got lost. My heart still beats, I hope that your heart sill beats. I won't get teary eyed the hope in me has not been lost. I believe someone else has to believe too.
Track Name: Not Afraid
Come on all you people open up your hands, your hearts. Turn to someone you don't know and kindly say hello. I'll call you the conversation starter, something we are missing in this world it's sad to say. We're not afraid. The time to fight is over, never should have started anyway. One dollar here, two dollars three, three deaths here, for deaths there. Who needed a gun anyway. If discussion is over rated why bother have a language anyway. Just to attack, abuse and verbally assault. Why can't we all just throw our weapons away. Do you want to hear what I've got? If no then pull the trigger. We're not afraid.
Track Name: A Bottle And A Shotgun
All I really know is that I don't want to be here. Easy way out, call it a cop out, I don't care. Cause all I need to know is, when would be a good time to spring it on you. To tell you, all I want to do is bring a bottle and a shotgun. Don't want to be rescued. Don't want to be followed. It's not the end of the world. If you hear me snap your fingers. I picked those words for a reason. Figure it out it's probably not too hard now. Come on let's hear some snapping. All I need to know is when would be a good time to spring it on you, to tell you. Does it sound sad to you? Did it make you depressed? Did you ever stop to wonder? That doesn't sound quite like her. I didn't think so. We didn't think so, but now it's too late. You found a brown bag and you filled it with a bottle. Sucked it down like you didn't have a minute to breathe. Swallow away the pain that comes from living, you're not living today. I always knew one day the tables would turn. Standing above you, both in tears, while you say to me.
Track Name: Mixed Drinks
Take a little bit of innocence, mixed with a confidence that's ever so beautiful. Add awkwardness, now leave out control and it's inevitable. Can't have it sit there and stare at you, stare at you. So fucking inviting. Take a sip, little taste you got some on your lips. You made a mess. I see you've got some on your shirt. A little close now. I'd like to read your analysis. If you're anything like me I'm sure sleep's out of the equation by now. Remember to breathe, it's not due until the Thursday after next. It sits with you, sits in you, so fucking inviting. Take a quick breath. You can shut your eyes. Feels so safe here, still got some on your shirt. A little close now. Habbits form as accidents, but I'm not gonna say it. You're not gonna like it. You've passed the point everyone speaks of. I'm not gonna say it. You're not gonna like it.
Track Name: Little Tiny Pieces
My heart just exploded into a million little tiny pieces. Screaming hey, hey, hey, isn't this great. Makes my body start to shake. Now I'm speechless, but who would blame me. Now I want to enjoy this moment as long as I can. Makes my body start to shake. I'm spinning faster, with every last breath. This smile might never fade. I can be safe here. It feels so safe. Listen closely hear that sound. The sound of my heart beating. Screaming hey, hey, hey isn't this great. Makes my body start to shake.